PALS is a fun and convenient way for PFAFF clients to get the best from the brand. The PALS concept can be used at a dealership, private homes, old age home, and even a coffee shop. There is no restriction on the venue. The idea is a convenient and a safe place for ladies to meet.

It’s really simple to organise PFAFF will supply a suggested project once a month. The host of the day will receive the project and invite friends and contacts. The friends and contacts are encouraged to spread the word. The host will place a restriction on numbers that make sense for the particular venue. So booking is essential. (Please note that the Monthly project is not compulsory the PALS group may choose to do one of their own ideas.)

Should the project require any specialised accessories the following will apply. If there is a dealer or agent in your area you simply acquire the accessories directly from them. Should their not be a dealer or agent in your area please contact or 0861222029 and we will assist you.

If you are already involved with a sewing group or host a group please contact us so we can send you our projects to possibly use from time to time. We would ask you to be so kind as to share with us what you are doing and if we can assist in anyway. There is no cost involved

The focus of the PALS group is to develop a social interactive group that has the opportunity to explore and push the boundaries in all aspects of sewing.

So if this seems like just what you have been waiting for simple contact us if you are interested in becoming a host or for the group closest to you. or 0861222029

PALS bringing the PFAFF brand closer to home.

We would like to thank Terry de Boo for assisting and naming the concept