Pfaff Hobbylock 2.0

The new PFAFF® hobbylock™ 2.0 overlock machine is a modern overlock that is easy to use and has many practical features, including 15 stitches, adjustable stitch length, builtin rolled edge, free-arm for sewing sleeves and pant legs, electronic speed control, and much more.

The Need For An Overlock Machine!

Did you know that PFAFF® carries professional overlock machines designed for the home sewer that will trim, stitch, and overcast your seam in half the time? But that is not all…

  • PROFESSIONALISM If you want to sew and create a professional seams and finishes like readymade garments.
  • SPEED PFAFF® overlock machines sews and finish a seam that your sewing machine can not manage in half the time.
  • VERSITALITY PFAFF® overlock machines are versatile and can be used on woven, knit, and many other types of fabrics.
  • SEAM FINISH edges of pressed open seams and hems to prevent fraying.
  • DIFFERENTIAL FEED feeds knit fabrics without stretching or rippling and provides a smooth seam on lightweight fabrics that tend to pucker
  • STRETCH a seam sewn on an overlock is as stretchy as the fabric it is sewn on.
  • COVER STITCH finishing and topstitching provides a far more elastic stitch than sewing on your sewing machine.
  • DECORATING on crafts, jackets, and other garments are made using a variety of threads, yarns, and ribbons in the loopers. There are many different decorative techniques used to embellish garments for a very fashionable and unique wardrobe.
  • GATHERING light and medium weight fabrics is made easy and evenly for home decorating, adding ruffles, or gathering a skirt. It is twice as fast and adjustable, too!
  • QUILT PIECING is done quickly and finishes neatly on the reverse side for those projects not being layered and quilted.

Terry cloth or velvet?
Will not fray. Up to 5 threads encase the fabric edge, to create the perfect finish.

Each stitch is caught securely. Knits from fine to heavy – only an overlock machine can deal with them all. Each stitch is caught securely, the seams remain elastic, and the differential feed eliminates wavy edges.

Denim or corduroy?
Each seam is secure. Heavy fabrics require seams which won‘t tear, even under the greatest strain.

Jersey or sweatshirt fabric?
Extremely stretchy seams. Seams that follow your every move – guaranteed by the elasticity of an overlock seam. Unbeatable and tear-proof.

Chiffon and silk?
Fine seams for fine fabrics. Fine fabric edges which have been finished using an overlock machine do not pucker. The rolled hem is a decorative edge finish for fine fabrics. Create beautiful waves or gathers by adjusting the Differential Feed settings!


The clean, sophisticated design is characteristic of the new PFAFF® overlock machines. Its origins lie in German tradition and combine high performance standards with modern form. Highest perfection and extra-large* sewing space are waiting for you and your ideas.

Light or heavy, stretch or woven – a PFAFF® overlock machine offers the right stitch for every fabric. Durable seams, perfectly finished edges, professional hems, and decorative effects – everything is possible.

In one single step, a PFAFF® overlock machine stitches two fabric pieces together, trims the fabric edge, and finishes it – so quickly that it is a joy to watch. Electronic speed control guarantees full piercing power at all speeds.

Each fiber of fabric is caught thoroughly to prevent fraying. Perfectly even seams on every fabric, thanks to differential feed. No stretching or puckering. Adjustable settings for all types of fabrics and techniques.

Pfaff Hobbylock 2.0 Key Features

Hobbylock 2.0 Projects

4, 3, 2 thread sewing – many options for utility and decorative sewing.

15 stitches – trim, stitch, overcast and embellish projects in half the time.

Lay-in tension and colorcoded thread paths – for quick, convenient threading.

Threading Guides – detailed interactive DVD and printed quick guide for threading all stitches.

Free arm – makes sewing cuffs, sleeves and other small areas easy.

Differential feed – adjustable for perfectly even seams. No stretching of the seam or puckering of fine fabrics.

Adjustable stitch length, cutting width and presser foot pressure – choose optimal settings for different fabrics and techniques.

Extra presser foot height – room for several layers or heavy fabrics.

Waste tray – catches fabric trimmings.

Safety lockout – when the front cover is open the machine will not sew.

Thread cutter – conveniently placed for quick cutting of threads.

Universal Standard presser foot – can be used with all built-in stitches.

Electronic speed control – stitch-by-stitch control with full piercing power at all speeds.

Sews 1,300 stitches per minute – sew faster, save time.

Built-in extended carrying handle – move the machine without tangling the threads.

Moveable upper cutter – disengage the cutter for special techniques.

Hobbylock 2.0 Perfectly even seams Perfectly even seams – Thanks to Differential Feed! Two rows of feed dogs eliminate stretching or puckering of seams.
Hobbylock 2.0 Threading quick & easy! Threading quick & easy! – Colored threading paths are marked on the machine to make threading easy.
Hobbylock 2.0 Add attractive accents Add attractive accents – Add attractive accents with the three-dimensional flatlock stitch
Hobbylock 2.0 15 stitches mean a professional finish on every fabric! 15 stitches mean a professional finish on every fabric! – 1,300 stitches per minute – as fast and as perfect as it gets.

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